About Me

Sandra Harrison NPQH MSc DipIT

I am a qualified and experienced SEND leader since 1996 with vast teaching and senior Leadership Team experience and Headship of specials schools since 2012.  During that time I have led on diversity and inclusion, behaviour and managed multi-disciplinary staff teams. Those staff teams have included Governors, CEOs, Headteachers, middle leaders, therapists, SENDCo as well as support staff. I have worked in diverse and challenging primary and secondary settings in Inner City London as well as Greater London, supporting Governing Boards with their practices. I have a wealth of strategic experience in Special Educational Needs Disability (SEND) and Autism.

I have been described by OFSTED October 2016 as “The headteacher’s inspirational belief in what pupils and staff can achieve together underpins the steady improvement in pupils’ learning and behaviour since the school’s last inspection”

I am not only equipped to have the capacity to respond positively to the changing educational environment but also an exemplary practitioner. Committed to playing a key role in developing effective leadership within businesses and other organisations and believe inclusive practices are fundamental to all business.

I have held numerous roles, Consultant Executive Head Teacher, Headteacher, Behaviour Consultant, Associate Principal, Ethnic Minority Co-ordinator, Director of Studies, Equality and Diversity and Pastoral Lead. This gives her the knowledge and experience to offer support to parents, families, pupils, and the whole business community. I am also able to deliver keynotes for organisations.

My passion is around inclusion and support for individuals with special educational needs and autism. I want to ensure that those needing assistance for development in the workplace are identified and given the right support to allow them to flourish.

“I believe that anyone can achieve their goal if they have the appropriate tools and my aim is to give you those tools”

I look forward to working with you.

Sandra Harrison