Parent Statement

I am a parent of four sons. Aged 29 yrs, 20 yrs, 18 yrs. and last but not least Reece 15yrs.

Reece was diagnosed with ADHD and Autism, I’ve always known that Reece was different from his brothers.

It wasn’t until yrs. 5/6 in primary school that he was diagnosed with the ADHD and in secondary school yr. 7/8 he was diagnosed with Autism.

Reece is very talented in Athletes he is under 15 boys English schools, County and National Champion 2019. He loves gaming, editing videos that he makes for YouTube, TikTok & Instagram he can play the keyboard which he has self-taught. He is very sensitive but loving and kind to others, very protective and attach to people who he cares about.

Reece being the youngest in the family looks up to his brothers who are a great role model to him.

Calvin achieve GCSE & A Levels, Fabeian in studying at Middlesex University. Paul Jr done amazing in GCSE and pass his A Levels this year so will be studying Biomedical Science at Brunel University in September.

Sarah Earle