Parents and Families

I understand the difficulties that parents and families face from getting a SEND diagnosis to finding the right educational provision and securing a place. The prospect of so many professionals involved can be overwhelming so let me assist you to navigate your way forward.

Additionally  I know that as one gets older the harder it can become to get a diagnosis so if you  have an older family member in need of assistance to get a diagnosis then I can give some advice and support in this area.

Have you ever had difficulties with:-

  • Attending a meeting with numerous people/professionals seated around a table and you have no idea who they are and what part they are playing in your child/adult life?
  • Understanding the purpose of an Education Health Care Plan and how you can contribute?
  • Getting an assessment appointment and understanding the processes
  • Understanding the diagnosis and the strategies to support you and the individual?
  • Explaining to others that you have a child/family who has been diagnosed with SEND/Autism?
  • Receiving a diagnosis and left bewildered, confused, isolated, ashamed, and abandoned?
  • Identifying the appropriate educational setting for your child?
  • Unable to cope with the individual’s behaviours that challenge which leaves you scared, bruised, and exhausted.
  • Understanding your rights

I can help with these plus:-

  • Liaise with the professionals and be an Advocate as well as update of guidance
  • Understanding of the Education Health Care Plan and the role of the professionals
  • Explain and support through the assessment process. Attend medical appointments and advice on funding.
  • 1-1 support sessions and access to a network of other families or parents through group sessions. Techniques and strategies to better understanding behaviours that are challenging.
  • Training courses to support the communication, social and behavioural needs of the individuals as well as advice, guidance, resources, and strategies to support the diagnosis or condition not yet diagnosed
  • Tribunals

The list is not exhaustive and bespoke programmes of work are available to meet your needs.