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Do you understand your responsibilities with the Equalities Act and the 10 protected characteristics? 

“In 2019 a former employee with autism won a claim for indirect discrimination after the company failed to make adjustments to prevent him from feeling “overwhelmed” in its office environment. The employment tribunal in Leeds found that there had been a “continuous management failure” to understand the employee’s disability and implement two sets of adjustments recommended by its occupational health team”. By Ashleigh Webber on 21 May 2019

I can help you to deliver on these responsibilities around the following areas:-

  • Recruitment
  • Workplace adjustments
  • Tribunals
  • Staff development training and inductions
  • Policies and risk assessments
  • Health and safety
  • Equality Diversity and Inclusion

The list is not exhaustive and bespoke programmes of work are available to meet the needs of your organisation.